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Control Systems

Chemical Process Technicians: experience with the operation, design, and construction of equipment at lab scale through 500 gallon scale.
Ed DeWeese, Paul Milenbaugh, Doug McKinney, John Schafer, Rick Spears

Control Software: experience with DeltaV, RS3, Horner, and other systems.
Ed Chou, Ed Plocharczyk

Machinist: custom machining in teflon or exotic metals
Tom Martin

Organic Chemist: 15+ years experience at kilo lab scale in process development
Jim Stout

Chemical Engineers:
Jonathon Adler: specializing in lab scale process development
Ed Plocharczyk: 34 years experience, retired from Eli Lilly after 31 years. 5 years design and construction, 24 years chemical process development, 2 years Global Process Control Engineering Discipline Leader